• Samantha Linnett

The Lion King on Broadway

April 2015

Okay, quick break from DC and flashback to NYC. For Christmas this year, tucked at the bottom of a little box of Lion King Christmas ornaments, my parents got me two tickets to take a trip into the city to see The Lion King on Broadway. I had seen the commercials for it on TV for years and wanted to go, so it was a pretty amazing and surprising present. In April, my boyfriend and I hopped on a Yankee Trails bus down to NYC for a day.

The show was absolutely beautiful. My favorite part was right at the beginning, when they performed the Circle of Life. One second I'm staring up at the baby Simba, the next there's a giant elephant [costume] next to me in the aisle. The animals came out from everywhere in the theatre. It filled the entire theatre with emotion and, for me, memories from growing up and watching the movie. My favorite character, of course, was Rafiki, because she was absolutely hilarious. I highly, highly recommend.

In our spare time on either end of the show, we perused Times Square and Bryant Park. It was a fairly nice day, a little chilly with the breeze, but nice in the sun. It was a ton of fun walking around the city and watching the sunset on the city skyline. All in all it was a great day and I want to say thank you to my mom and dad for giving me the chance to experience it.

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