• Samantha Linnett


Updated: Jan 15, 2018

May 2014

Welcome to Tel-Aviv! Those words made me so happy when we finally got off the plane Monday. Getting here was a truly stressful and long experience.

To start things off, I almost missed my flight, so, yeah…

We drove down to JFK from where I live, and we were going to make it in perfect time. But then… New Jersey.

A large truck carrying other cars had broken down just after the GW Bridge, and that, added to the usual NYC traffic, made things very, very slow. So slow that by the time I got to the terminal to check my luggage the airline wasn’t letting any others go through. Let the anxiety attack ensue.

But, thanks to a kind worker for El Al Airlines and to a birthright group’s connecting flight being a little later than planned, I was allowed to piggyback onto them to check my luggage.

From there I was given a priority boarding pass and allowed to go through the business class security line. I raced to my gate while it was still boarding and finally got on the plane. Woo!

However, 9 and a half hours on a plane wasn’t much of a relief. And boy did my back, butt, and legs hurt afterwards. I’m really looking forward to the even longer flight back… Not.

Somebody should invent a personal hover-craft that has the ability to fly over oceans for extended periods of time without being refueled. Just sayin.

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