• Samantha Linnett

I wish my eyes could take pictures

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

July, 2013

This past Sunday I went on a motorcycle ride to Lake George with my boyfriend. I don't go on the bike often since I don't particularly care to ride on it, but for whatever reason this time I agreed. And the ride up to Lake George was beautiful!

Knowing that I'm not overly comfortable on the bike, my boyfriend, Anthony, didn't go terribly fast. That allowed me to relax a little and actually look at and enjoy the scenery we were passing by. There has never been a time in my life that I wished I could take pictures with my eyes more.

Pictures like tall, green trees lining both sides of the road and the blue sky peering between like a river, the trees its banks. Pictures like a beautiful tree covered mountain with white, fluffy clouds passing directly overhead, looking like the smoke coming from a volcano. Pictures like the sun shimmering on the lake, with small sail and motor boats scattered across it and grand lakeside houses bordering its edges.

I wish I could give you actual pictures of the sights my eyes witnessed on the ride up to this place. With my phone secured in the saddle bag and no hands free while I gripped onto my boyfriend for life, I wasn't in any situation to actually be able to take pictures. I suppose this is a situation where having Google Glass would've been helpful :)

Although by the time we got home my shoulders were full of knots and my butt hurt from sitting on the bike for 3+ hours, the ride up to Lake George is the first motorcycle ride I've ever enjoyed.

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