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Dinner in the Dark

Updated: Mar 1

Last night we had dinner in the Nalag’at Center for the Blind and Deaf in Tel Aviv. We went with a group of students from the IDC who are coming to Syracuse in the fall for a similar program that we are here doing now.

The special thing about this dinner is that we ate in complete darkness. We were taken into the Black Out Restaurant by blind and visually impaired servers and seated at our tables. We went into the restaurant in a conga line style since we couldn’t see where we were going. Being afraid of the dark and in pitch-blackness, I was pretty freaked out at first, but once we sat down we all got used to it.

Our server, Mohammad, was great, taking the time to show each of use where our silverware, glass, and plates were by guiding our hands to them. The food was pretty good and we all managed to eat successfully without getting our food all over us. Coming out of the restaurant after we ate was extremely disorienting, having to readjust to the light. Needless to say, it was a pretty cool experience and an interesting way to get to know the Israeli students we will see in the fall.

After dinner we walked down through Old Jaffa, the old port city of Tel Aviv. Being some 3,000 years old, it looked a lot like the old city of Jerusalem. It was absolutely beautiful in the dusk, and had some neat public art pieces.

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