• Samantha Linnett

Crumbs & Whiskers Cat Café

July 2015

Warning: cute cats ahead.

Yes, this is a real thing – and for my fellow cat lovers, perhaps the best thing in the world. In Georgetown, there exists a DC ASPCA partner café known as Crumbs and Whiskers, be-speckled with cushions, toys, platforms, and, of course, cats. The local ASPCA sends over 25 of their poor stray kitties to hang out and the store employees hand deliver you coffee, milkshakes and cookies while you play with your new-found furry friends. You can adopt the cats right from the store if you wish, and even if not adopted, they get the attention and company of people and other cats alike and the comfort of sleeping on whichever cushion they please as opposed to in a cage.

Here are just a few of the furry store residents.

Olly, climbing on the only shelf in the place that isn’t meant for cats to climb on:

Olly again, slightly disgruntled after getting stuck in said shelf:

Midnight, who didn’t mind me disturbing her as she napped next to me:

And this poor old guy. 10 years old and new to the café, he wasn’t quite adjusted to all the people (or the other cats, for that matter) and really didn’t like this umbrella. Underneath the grumpiness he had a very sweet disposition:

This café is not only a great way to keep the cats out of cages, but also to get them used to people and other animals around them. The more socialized they are, the more adoptable they are. It’s also a great way for people to get a better feel for their personalities before they adopt them. And for me, a great stress reliever with some cuddle time.

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