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Crash Course Hebrew

May 2014

During our time in Israel, my group and I have managed to pick up some of the basic Hebrew words that we use on a regular basis, with the help of our friends at the IDC and an extremely helpful server at breakfast, Taya. We don't need the Hebrew here, since almost everybody speaks English, but it is still something we wanted to learn a little of.

We got a photo with Taya, our server at breakfast every morning, who was so kind and helpful.

So here are some of the words we've gotten so far:

  • Shalom: literally "peace"; used for hello and goodbye

  • Boker Tov: Good morning

  • Lila Tov: Goodnight

  • Yom Tov: Have a good day

  • Toda: Thank you

  • Bevakasha: Please/You're Welcome

  • Slicha: Excuse me/Sorry

  • Ken: Yes

  • Lo: No

  • Cama: How much (the only problem with this is the person will answer with the price in Hebrew, which we can't understand...)

They don't exactly make for a conversation - at least, not a good one - but they have been helpful and fun to learn!

Are there other Hebrew words you think we should know? Let me know in comments!

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