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Austin's Food Trucks

If there's one thing that Austin is known for other than its live music scene, it's the city's plethora of food trucks. SXSW took full advantage of this, pulling together food trucks from across the city into one giant plaza for the week. The SXSW trailer park was a frequent stop for lunch and dinner, providing delicious, affordable, and stress free meals for the solo traveler.

Having sampled many (although sadly not all), here are my top 3 food truck choices from the week:

1. Pueblo Viejo

These tacos were AMAZING! They were my dinner on my first night down in Austin and there was no way of beating them. I had the Al Pastor and the Chicharron Salsa Verde tacos, and I highly recommend both. If you're in Austin, you have to eat here.

Okay, this one might be cheating a little bit because I went to their little storefront on the western edge of Downtown (not technically the truck). BUT they started as and have a truck location, and just recently expanded to this little storefront location, too. It just happened to be closer to where I was at the time than the food truck was.

2. Chi'Lantro

Home to the world famous kimchi fries! I don't know why nobody else ever thought of this. Kimchi, bulgogi, cheese, spicy mayo, sriracha, sesame seeds, and cilantro all on top of french fries. It was so delicious and so filling that I only had a bowl of cereal for dinner before bed that day.

3. DFG Noodles

Short for Damn Freakin Good Noodles. And that's no understatement. This Malaysian Singapore Indonesian blend food truck served up an explosion of all the right flavors with their stir-fried noodles and veggies in a perfect blend of spicy and sweet chili sauce with a perfectly fried egg. I'm now craving them...

Honorable Mention: Shawarma Point

This delicious and spicy chicken shawarma juuusttt missed my top three. My favorite thing about the truck is their spice level scale: brown people spicy, white people spicy, and no spice. I went with the highest level, and it brought all the kick I wanted.

And for dessert: Lick Honest Ice Creams

I got a scoop of the Caramel Salted Lick, and it was so creamy with the right blend of sweet caramel and salt flavor. Perfect for the hot Austin sun. I also tried a dark chocolate one later in the week that was equally as wonderful.

Anyone else's stomach grumbling?

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