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Assisi, Italy - The Italian Dream

Updated: Jan 15, 2018

March 2010

It was straight out of a story book. Classic Italy, exactly as I'd imagined it.

Just imagine a city built completely of yellow cobblestone and yellow brick. Every building, road, pathway, staircase and fountain throughout the city made of the same thing. Imagine a small city that rests atop a mountain set in the middle of the never-ending green of the Italian countryside. The town escalates with the mountain, with different levels of houses all connected by staircases. At the top of a green hill at the end of the city sits a majestic church, surrounded by nothing but blue colored sky. This is the small, Italian city of Assisi, and the church is the Church of Saint Francis.

Now imagine this scene at sunset, with the sky painted pink and purple and orange, with birds flying off into the sun on the horizon. Look down the mountain through an opening between the houses and see the green fields bathed golden in the last rays of the sun's light. Everything is so quiet, so serene, and so peaceful. It seems as though time freezes around the small city. Nothing can touch its divine beauty.

Assisi is the dream Italian town. It's exactly what everyone pictures when they think of classic Italy (at least, what I picture). It is the most beautiful place that I have seen in my 19 years of life.

It's located approximately halfway between Rome and Florence (if you travel inland a little), so if you're ever in that area of Italy you must stop in to this little town. I'm so glad that we did. My travel group was scheduled to see the tomb of Saint Francis, which is located in the bottom of the church at the top of the city. Unfortunately, we got there a little late and the tomb was closed, but to be honest, I wasn't entirely heartbroken. Dark holes in the bottoms of churches that store bodies (even the body of a Saint) aren't exactly my thing.

However, if it is your thing, or even if it isn't, Assisi is a place you should definitely add as a travel destination.

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