• Samantha Linnett

An Evening in Baltimore

May 2015

A couple of weeks ago now I attended the birthday dinner of a friend of a friend up in Baltimore. It was my first time being in the city and my immediate reaction was that Baltimore is beautiful.

We went to a restaurant called Riptide by the Bay and parked a little further from the restaurant than planned. But we got there early and were able to have a nice walk along the bay and through a charming area of old brick houses. It had an enchanting breeze that carried the salty smell of the ocean as the sun was just beginning to set.

Some notable things that we passed by on our stroll through the city was the Baltimore National Aquarium (added to the list of things to visit), the largest Barnes & Noble I’ve ever seen in my life (also added to the list of things to visit), and multiple large Under Armor stores (founded in the state, Marylanders are proud of their high-end athletic gear).

The restaurant itself was small-ish but charming, with a little crab hanging out front to title the place (another thing Marylanders love: crab). I ordered the shrimp linguine for dinner, which I must admit, was good, but not nearly to the standards that the price would imply. The glass of wine made up for it, though.

We very briefly spent some time at a bar down the road after dinner before struggling to grab a cab pack to the parking garage (the 15 minute walk back to the car wasn’t as enticing in the dark). All in all it was a fun evening and definitely an area to revisit.

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