Experience Design Co.

Experience Design Co. by Discover with Sam is a travel planning and booking service. Working with you to design your perfect trip, we will help you travel the world and make local connections while you do. Experience Design Co. works with a network of travel brands and local travel planners to create a customized travel experience for you.

What We Do

Entire Trip Planning

We work with you to plan and book your trip from start to finish. We provide customized itineraries based on your travel style and destination wish lists and book with highly rated brands for your trip. You'll receive all of your booking and trip information in one place, and all you have to do is enjoy.

Cost: 5% fee of total trip cost

Planning Consultation

For our fellow planners. If you like to take control of your trip and enjoy the planning process but don't quite know where to start, we'll host a consultation call with you to get you started. For 60 minutes we'll talk about recommended activities in your trip destination, how to connect to the local community, and tips for your stay.

Cost: $50

One Day Itineraries

Just looking for a customized itinerary for a day? Based on your interests and location, we'll design one day's worth of local activities in your destination for you, no consultation necessary.




Cost: $20

How it Works

We work with you to understand your travel preferences, hopes, and dreams and design your ideal, customized trip. 

  1. Take a survey. This will help us understand your initial trip ideas and requests and which service you are interested in.

  2. Schedule a 60 minute consultation call (except for one-day itineraries). On this call we'll review your survey responses, sample itineraries, ask any clarifying questions, and brainstorm for your trip. (If you aren't using our full trip planning service, you're done!)

  3. Review your draft itinerary. We will design a first draft itinerary and review it with you to get your feedback.

  4. Approve your final itinerary. After edits are made to the draft, we'll get your written approval of the final planned itinerary.
    *Note: some dates and times may be subject to change based on booking availability.

  5. We book your trip! That's it - we do the rest for you.

Frequently Asked Questions