Local Travel

Travel to experience the local culture. At Discover with Sam, we explore both on and off the beaten path to learn about the local language, food, history, and cultural pillars of the places we are in. We connect with local residents to learn about their lifestyles and communities. Every place has a story to tell, no matter how big or how small.

Social Impact

Practice ethical, sustainable travel. Planes are unlikely to ever be environmentally friendly, so when we fly we like to spend extended time in a place, traveling slowly. We make sure we are supporting local communities and businesses with our tourism dollars, and reflecting the places and people we meet respectfully in our storytelling.



Be fully present in the place you're in. Whether it's in your own city or across the globe, fully experience a place through all of your senses. Smell the smells, taste the flavors, see the colors, and be at peace with wherever you are at any point in time.


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